Aegend Swimming Goggles Review

Aegend Swimming Goggles Review

By Phil Gerrard, Updated 22nd of May 2021

Aegend swimming goggles

As a regular lap swimmer – with some ocean swims mixed in when the water isn’t too cold – I’m always on the hunt for new and improved swim gear. Although I am quite settled on TYR tracer-X swim goggles, I’m always trying out the options available. A pair that often comes up when I buy more goggles on Amazon is listed as ‘Aegend Swim Goggles.’ Given the very large number of reviews of this goggle, and it’s 4.5 star rating, I popped a pair in my cart for the modest asking price.

Aegend Swimming Goggles

Aegend Swimming Goggles

• Budget swim goggle


Delivery was swift. The goggles come in a plastic goggle case. I’m impressed Aegend include this goggles case – there are not many goggles that come with a case these days, but they are so helpful to store and keep your goggles scratch free when travelling. Looking at the goggles, there are a few interesting features. The first unusual feature is the goggle strap that clicks apart at the back of the strap. I don’t understand the reasoning for a separating strap – it’s not as though you need to undo the strap to take the goggles on or off. Next is the nose piece. The nose piece protrudes an unusually long way from the front of the lenses. The Aegend advert claims this high nose piece is to avoid leaving a mark on your nose – but I question why Aegend could not make a smaller nose piece when many other goggle manufacturers manage to make a sleek nose piece without hurting your nose.

In terms of fit, the silicone seal was soft enough, and the goggles did fit ok, but the edge of the seal was quite thin. I’d question over time how this seal would hold up. The goggles have a tint, which is helpful for swimming in sunny conditions. In the pool didn’t experience any leaking or fogging when using the goggles – but in truth I only used these goggles for about the first 5 minutes of my swim. I knew going in I was not going to use these goggles for long – they are a cheaply made goggle with awkward design – but the worst was to come! In the water, the curved lens has quite a distorting effect underwater. Above water, there is no issue. But underwater is a big problem. Overall, these goggles are firmly in the ‘below average’ category, and there are far better options available for not much more cost.

As for how these goggles rate so highly on Amazon, I can only assume many buyers are irregular swimmers that have not experienced high quality goggles. Do yourself a favour, and consider some alternatives. If you need more convincing that these are a low quality product, I recently discovered this exact same goggle (with different branding) available on sites such as Aliexpress for a whopping $3 or so delivered!

Goggles like Aegend on Aliexpress

I have a detailed best goggle review available, and this article suggests some alternative goggles that are an excellent choice for different needs. But here, I’ll at least mention what I see as a clear winner in budget racing/training swim goggles - the TYR Tracer-X racing swim goggle. They are a great swim goggle that should be far more popular than they are…

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