Best Snorkelling Fin Recommendation: Cressi Rondinella Fins

Best Snorkel Fin Recommendation: Cressi Rondinella Fins

By Phil Gerrard, 9th June 2019


With summer approaching, the option of a nice snorkelling trip becomes a possibility. Or maybe you are looking to an overseas getaway to that dream beach. To make the most of any snorkel (or scuba diving) adventure, an excellent set of fins makes all the difference. In this review, I focus on a set of fins that won’t disappoint in almost all situations, the Cressi Rondinella Fins.

So what makes these fins a top recommendation for 2019? Well they are a classic fin that has stood the test of time, with all the right features. They have a supple rubber foot pocket, makes them a dream to wear for long periods of time. Just in case you are thinking about a fin with adjustable length, don’t! They are awful. Yes all of them!

But it’s not just the rubber that makes the difference in terms of comfort. It’s also the length of the fin. Too long a fin, and you get excessive rubbing in the foot pocket in addition to requiring a much thicker rubber foot mould. The Cressi Rondinella gets this just right. The very light weight of the Rondinella blade makes these fins effortless to use. They are great for snorkelling in shallow water, or free-diving to the depths.

Want to know about propulsion? Well you may go a little further with some longer blades, but trust me that comfort is the most important factor in fins, and longer blades are not comfortable. Some long blades may be alright for a short dip, but if you like to spend a few hours in the water, soon the long blades will become uncomfortable, and you won’t even want to kick anymore! Not only are the longer blades uncomfortable, they are extremely awkward to put on and off, and stand in on the beach. Another advantage of the Rondinella fin length is that it makes them easier to pack in a travel bag. The flexibility of the Rondinella blade also means you have a natural kick with accommodation for kick variation.

I am often asked about sizing. A factor here is if you wear fins with diving boots (also known as neoprene socks) or not. I highly recommend wearing these fins without neoprene boots. They are soft enough that boots are not needed. I find the Cressi sizing chart is spot on. I am a 46, and the 45/46 fits just right without a boot.

So how long can you expect these fins to last? Well a very long time! I have purchased many of this fin, and as long as they are cared for well, should give you years of life even when used regularly. Just remember to rinse and dry them thoroughly after each use, and minimise walking in them (walk backwards if required).