Best Minimal Snorkel Recommendation: Cressi Gringo Snorkel

Best Minimal Snorkel Recommendation: Cressi Gringo Snorkel

By Phil Gerrard, 10th June 2019


The dive mask is often the main area people focus when getting set up for snorkelling. And yes, the mask can have such an impact on your snorkelling enjoyment. The snorkel itself often gets overlooked. If you are a beginner, snorkelling on the surface of the water, often a snorkel with a dry top and purge valve is preferred. But once you start to progress your diving (which will happen quicker than you think!), the bulk of a dry snorkel starts to get in the way, and make any dive unpleasant with shakes and wobbles of the snorkel with any speed.

This is where the Cressi Gringo shines. Looking at the snorkel, it is that classic style you may recognise from when you were a kid! And it isn’t that different. What makes this snorkel a real winner is it’s super supple mouthpiece, it’s free air flow, and it’s durability. It’s length is a good balance between being long enough to avoid chop when floating, and minimising drag when you are diving.

So what happens when you dive with the Cressi Gringo? As you gather speed, the force on the tube will slightly tilt the tube, with the mouthpiece freely flexing. In effect, the tube closes off. Not that it matters, you are not breathing underwater! Then when you slow down and return to the surface, the tube returns to it’s normal position allowing free breathing.

In terms of durability, the Cressi Gringo is unbeatable. These can be thrown about, put in your gear bag without care, and will still be ready to go on your next snorkelling trip. This compares with a snorkel with a purge value and dry top that needs much more care and preparation before and after use to maintain function. The Gringo has a small rubber loop that attaches to your mask. It is durable and won’t break.

For the price, a Cressi Gringo is hard to beat!