Gillette Refreshing Breeze and Gillette Icy Cool

Gillette Refreshing Breeze and Gillette Icy Cool

Updated 25th of June 2021

Gillette Icy Cool and Refreshing Breeze Aftershaves

Gillette has released a couple of new aftershave splashes, building on their solid ‘Gillette Series’ range including Cool Wave and Arctic Ice. The two new offerings are Gillette Refreshing Breeze, and Gillette Icy Cool.

Have a look at the boxes of these items, and you would rightly be unsure about the differences between them. Gillette states both are “Invigorating. Fresh, Clean, masculine Fragrance.” And they list identical ingredients. But they are quite different products. In this review I discuss the two products, and their differences.

Fragranced after shave

Gillette Icy Cool and Refreshing Breeze bottles

First of all, these two products are fragranced aftershaves. And the fragrances are not subtle or fleeting like the Nivea range of aftershave products. After application, you will still be able to detect the fragrance several hours later. I liken this to your two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. You have the one product that does both the alcoholic splash to soothe and treat after a shave, and also contains the fragrance.

Differences between Gillette Refreshing Breeze and Gillette Icy Cool

As I stated earlier, the ingredients list on these bottles gives little away… There are a couple of main differences. The first and most important difference is the fragrance. The second is the cooling effect.


In simple terms, Gillette Icy cool is a fruity, slightly musky fragrance. It’s a soft and brighter fragrance. Gillette Refreshing Breeze on the other hand is a green and woody scent. Refreshing Breeze is more traditional, and will appeal to more mature aged men. That is, if you like your Brut, this is in the same vein. Icy Cool is great, no matter your age – but will have much more appeal to younger men.

The cooling effect

Gillette Icy Cool Label

I was expecting Icy Cool to have a menthol like cooling effect, and wasn’t let down - although it is quite a fleeting experience. It’s nice on a warm day, but you don’t quite feel it like a mentholated shaving cream which sits on your face a lot longer.

Application of Aftershave

I’m all for being quite generous with the quantity of aftershave I use. After all, you want application over all your face and neck where you shaved. And with Gillette Icy cool, that worked well. It was a nice soft fragrance that was pleasant for good few hours afterwards. With Gillette Refreshing Breeze, I found the aromatic side of the fragrance a touch overwhelming when I applied generously. And yes, with too much application on the first use, I did need to wash it off after about 20 minutes… So I recommend using Refreshing Breeze much more sparingly that Icy Cool.

Gillette bottle opening

It’s worth noting that the orifice on these bottles is large, so control of the flow with your thumb or finger on top is required. I really wish they improved this aspect of the bottle with their latest range offering.

Face feel after use

Gillette Icy Cool and Refreshing Breeze are alcoholic splashes. At a guess, I’d say they are around 50% alcohol content. They don’t have a real sting, like some of your more fragrance focused aftershaves which can have around 80% alcohol. But that’s a good thing. It disinfects after your shave without being too harsh. And it also leaves your skin feeling refreshingly smooth and taut. In winter, you may want to look to a non-alcoholic splash, as the cool temperatures can make your skin feel too dry. But these are perfect for warmer months.

Closing comments

If I had to pick one, it would be Gillette Icy cool. Personally the fragrance has more appeal to me. But everyone has different tastes… I also like the cooling effect on a warm day.

As mentioned earlier, I wish the bottle opening was restricted more to slow the flow, but with some practice I have got this under control. It would also be nice if they used a more premium bottle cap to match the nice glass bottle. But for the price, it’s hard to complain.

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