Best Full Face Snorkeling Mask Review

Best Full Face Snorkeling Mask Review

In-depth Review by Tom Peterson, updated 3rd of October 2019


Snorkeling and diving amongst stunning marine life is a breathtaking experience. Whether it be coral reefs or a local beach, a snorkeling mask allows us all to take in the amazing variety of sea life.

Most people are familiar with a traditional snorkel and mask set, where the snorkel attaches to the mask via some clip or rubber loop. A recent development in mask technology is the full face snorkeling mask. If you have ever had difficulty with breathing with a snorkel, or a leaking diving mask, a full face snorkeling mask is well worth investigation. With a full face snorkeling mask, there is no tube in your mouth, as it is built into the top of the mask. This eliminates the need to hold your jaw and mouth in a specific position to stop leaks, and stops water flowing into your mouth should your snorkel fill with water. It makes it in general easier to breathe. In addition, the breathing device also increases the airflow in the mask reducing the chance of fogging up. Although a full face snorkeling mask will not be for everybody (especially those with beards!), most would agree full face snorkeling masks are a significant development in mask technology.

Best full face Snorkeling Mask: Subea Easybreath (Previously know as Tribord Easybreath)


The Subea Easybreath completely covers your face, allowing you clear vision, and efficient breathing. As previously mentioned, there is no mouthpiece to keep in place. The quality of materials used in this mask is obvious on inspection. For example, the seal is very supple. The materials are important, but also the design and contours of the mask are quite versatile. This mask is the best in terms of suiting a variety of jawlines. The weight of this mask is also a feature. While a full face snorkeling mask is more bulky than a standard mask and snorkel, the Subea Easybreath has better weight that its competitors. In terms of lens material, it is sturdy and resistant to scratches. The lens is also shatter proof, as you would expect of any quality snorkeling mask.

As an added bonus, the mask also comes with a storage bag to keep your purchase well protected. The mesh bag allows drainage after use.

Best full face snorkeling mask for children: Subea Easybreath

Whether for adults or kids, Subea is hard to pass up. It comes in multiple sizes, with a fit for all faces aged 10+. A full face snorkeling mask is not recommended for children under 10. For children aged 10 to 15, the Small/Medium is suitable. After that, generally a small/medium size is appropriate.

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