How to Prevent Swim Goggle Fogging

How to Prevent Swim Goggle Fogging

By Phil Gerrard, 22nd June 2018

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Preventing swim goggle fogging can be a battle, and lead to frustration in the pool. With a few tips, you can be swimming fog-free in no time.

The key points to keep fog free in the pool are:

1. Use quality swim goggles with anti-fog coating
2. Ensure good swim goggle fit
3. Caring for your goggle anti-fog coating
4. Preparation of goggles for each swim

If you don’t pay attention to each of these key points, unfortunately you are likely to fog up, sooner or later.

So is it realistic to expect your goggles to be fog free? YES! I swim over one hour in training swims, and once my goggles go on, they are fog free for the entire session. No taking on and off, no constant clearing fog.

A common complaint from swimmers is that their new goggles are fog free, but only for a few weeks after purchase. This is normally an indication that care and preparation of the goggles requires attention.

The anti_fog coating that is present on the inside of most quality swim goggles is, sadly, very fragile. Any damage to this coating, and you are out of luck, the goggles will just keep fogging up, and there isn’t anything you can do. A new pair of goggles is required.

To avoid any potential damage to the anti-fog coating, I recommend a simple rule. Never touch the inside of your goggle lens with your fingers. NEVER! Yes there is the temptation when you have fog to try and clean the lens during a swim, but it will just make things worse. If you must attempt to clean your goggles during a swim, spit in them, and use your tongue to ’wipe’ the lens. You can’t damage the lens with your tongue. After this, quickly rinse the spit and keep swimming.

So how to you get a fog free swim? You need to prepare the goggles before each swim. This can be with an anti-fog product, but spit work just as well . While the goggles are dry, apply the anti-fog spray, or spit. Use a microfibre cloth to rub the lens if you used anti-fog spray, or your tongue for spit. Then rinse the goggle in water. Now you are good to go. If your goggles fit well, and you have quality goggles you should be fog free.

Often swimmers attempt to keep their goggles perfectly dry inside, thinking this will prevent fog. It doesn’t. A little water actually helps.

In addition to the before swim preparation, be sure to rinse your goggles with fresh water after your swim. Take your goggles into the shower with you and make it a habit.

If you are still not fog free, with appropriate care and preparation, it is likely an indication your goggles do not have a good anti-fog coating. Trust me, quality varies greatly, and more expensive goggles are not always better. My favourite brand for great fog free swimming on their entire range is TYR. Check out my swim goggle review for other great fog free swimming goggles: Best swimming goggles

I hope with these tips, you can forget about fog in your swim goggles.

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